With over 500 traffic collisions in just three months, ASP Ellis calls for stiffer penalties to reduce carelessness


The Traffic Department has recorded over 500 collisions in the space of three months, with only six being caused by speeding.

Drivers are just careless, says the Department Head, Assistant Superintendent of Police Rodney Ellis, and he is calling for stiffer penalties in order to curb the frequency of accidents.

If motorists take their time and pay attention to what they are doing, then the incidence of accidents would be reduced drastically, Ellis says.

Of particular concern to the Traffic Department are those instances in which persons run into the back of other vehicles.

According to the ASP, most of these types of accidents are the result of drivers being on their phones; but no one is admitting to this practice, which is also against the law, he says.


  1. Stiffer penalties would be useless because the Police don’t practice enforcement. If the police were actually on the road handing out tickets we might see a reduction in accidents.

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