Visitors trying to gain entry into Antigua with fake COVID-19 certificates


Antigua and Barbuda is considering yet another revision to its protocols for entry after discovering that some visitors are trying to gain entry by using Fake COVID-19 certificates.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said the problem is not unique to Antigua & Barbuda but at other destinations where ports have reopened.

Currently, visitors are expected to do a PCR test before arrival into Antigua and present a negative COVID-19 certificate.

Browne said this policy has resulted in lower number of imported cases.

The Prime Minister has also reported that two of the four visitors who recently tested positive for the coronavirus continue to protest quarantine. He said the visitors in question were angry because they tested negative in the U.S.

Based on this, he said the two Americans called officials in the White House who then contacted the American Embassy in Bridgetown.

He said the Embassy made representation on behalf of the visitors noting that “some of the people who come here are well connected.”

The Prime Minister is appealing to all visitors to comply with the laws of the country.