‘Vampire Killer’ shares his side of the story in wounding trial


(Pointe Xpress)

The trial against alleged ‘Vampire Killer’ Delano Forbes continued yesterday in the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court where the 26-year-old got the opportunity to tell the court what happened on October 7th within the Her Majesty ’s Prison.

The Sweetes man is accused of wounding a prison officer by the name of Dwight Peters on that day with a disinfectant can.

On January 25, the complainant, another prison officer and a police investigator gave evidence in the matter.

Peters said that it was Forbes’ bad behaviour that prompted him to try to shackle the murder accused.

But the prisoner refused and another officer by the name of Alpheus Jackson tried to assist.

He said that Forbes then slipped on some water and pulled Jackson down with him and started to wrestle on the ground.

Peters said that when he bent down to restrain him, the prisoner struck him in his head resulting in an injury that required 6 stitches and a week off from work.

Jackson also gave similar evidence and an investigator, Javid Alfred corroborated their story.

Forbes however, had a different story to share yesterday in court. He said that he asked Peters to let him see the Superintendent of Prison but was denied.

As a result, he refused to be restrained.

Forbes continued saying that Jackson entered and also tried to shackle him but he slipped and fell to the ground.

He said when Peters tried to shackle him on the floor, he hit his dead on a table.

Since Forbes choose to give evidence from his defense box, prosecutors were not allowed to question him. T

he trial therefore came to an end and February 16 was set as the date for the Magistrate to return her decision in the matter.