Two people face charges for violating quarantine regulations


(Point Express)

Less than twenty-four hours after the new electronic bracelets have been placed into service, two people have been caught violating the quarantine guidelines.

Minister of Information, Melford Nicholas, whose ministry set up the monitoring system to ensure strict adherence to the quarantine restrictions, reported that two people were tracked by the bracelets, which they must wear as a condition for undergoing the quarantine.

The minister reported that the individuals were traced to the Village Walk mall. Their identity was not immediately known.

The Ministry of Health said such violations are immediately handed over to the police to deal with.

It is believed that the two will appear before a magistrate to answer a charge of violating the quarantine established under the state of emergency.

The government has acquired some five hundred electronic bracelets to assist with monitoring of those individuals who have been mandated to undergo a period of quarantine as part of anti-COVID-19 measures.

The move became necessary following numerous reported cases of violations reported to the authorities