Trevor Walker’s behaviour “Unbecoming of a Member of Parliament” -PM Browne


(Antigua News Room)

Prime Minister Gaston Browne called on the MP for Barbuda, Trevor Walker to apologize for recent comments he made during an argument with a Peace, Love and Happiness (PHL) official.


During the verbal exchange, which was captured on video and circulated on social media, Walker can be heard saying “a white man telling me that”.


When the official called him out on his comments, Walker who was visibly upset replied: “I was born racist! You are not going to come here and behave so stupid. I can understand if you said five and I brought 10, I can see your quarrel, but two extra persons?”


The argument began when seven members of the Barbuda Council tried to enter the Palmetto Point construction site but were only granted permission for five to conduct their investigation.


During the heated exchange, Walker also told the official, “You are ridiculous, you are f–king ridiculous. Put that on the tape too.”


“That is unbecoming of a Member of Parliament.”, Prime Minister Browne said on Friday while speaking at a joint-handover ceremony at the Barbuda Pentecostal Church, where MP Walker was present.


“I am perhaps the most controversial politician in this country but I know where to draw the line and I’m calling on the Member for Barbuda, in this Honourable house, to apologize to the Barbudans and also to the Antiguan people for that type of behaviour.”, the Prime Minister insisted.

Walker addresses PHL Official