This week has been spent seeing to school-plant readiness, Education Director assures


(Real News)

Director of Education Clare Browne says this week has been spent getting the school plants ready for the return of 23,000 students next week.

Teachers returned to work on Monday, August 31, and meetings have been held with department heads and parents, among others.

Browne says that, up until Friday September 4, preparations will be continue and intensify.

Additionally, Browne says that Education and Ministry of Health officials, along with other stakeholders, have been visiting the respective schools to ensure that protocols are being put into place.

Meanwhile, the Education Director took the time to commend the principals and teachers for the hard work they have been doing since the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact this country.

In order for plans to be successful and for the continued safety of students, more persons will have to become involved and play a meaningful role in education in this era, he says.