Tents for screening, additional staff, and a special ambulance are among precautions taken for schools’ reopening


(Real News)

The Government says it will purchase fifty (50) tents to be used as screening areas for students entering the school compounds.

Spokesperson Lionel “Max” Hurst says a tent will be placed at the entrance to each public school, and trained personnel will operate from there, monitoring temperatures as the students arrive.

Further, “a total of ninety-four additional personnel – required to ensure that students do not gather in groups on their compounds, in ways that might reduce the effectiveness of social-distancing – will be deployed at the schools,” Hurst says.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has undertaken to provide an initial supply of Personal Protective Equipment for the reopening of schools on Monday – although only to public schools.

Private institutions reportedly will be putting their own mechanisms in place for faculty and students.

Hurst says the Board of Education (BoE) will be responsible for meeting the cost of subsequent supplies.

He says that in addition to face masks for teachers and students, the Government will provide 20,000 face shields for teachers, administrators, and others involved in keeping order at the schools come next week.   

In the meanwhile, two special telephone numbers have been established by the Ministry of Health to deal with emergencies occurring on the school plant. The numbers are 464 6303 and 464 9011.

According to Hurst, a special ambulance “will be dispatched, with trained personnel, to assist the school’s nurse, and for transport of the sick teacher or student to the Infectious Disease Center … should that be necessary.”

Hurst says every possible scenario has been anticipated, and the appropriate plans have been put in place to receive the 23,000 students at the Nation’s 46 primary and secondary schools.