Royal Caribbean moving forward with Fort James project



The Royal Caribbean International (RCI) will move forward with its investment project at Fort James, and the architectural and other drawings to be submitted to the Development Control Authority (DCA) are being completed.

Tourism Minister Charles Max Fernandez provided the update when he discussed the matter at the recent meeting of the Cabinet.

RCI will build an entertainment center costing more than US$50 million dollars on the land east of the beach, to provide entertainment for its cruise passengers when their large Quantum Class vessels discharge thousands upon docking at the newly-built pier in St. John’s.

Tourism officials here are hopeful that there will be a resumption of the cruise industry at the end of March.

There have not been any published schedules, but the cruise company are said to be booking cruises to start at that time.

“We anticipate that the cruises will resume from the end of March, unless there is some other development that prevents that from happening,” Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister, Lionel Max Hurst, reported.

Meanwhile, Hurst is also reporting that Global Ports Holdings (GPH) will shortly be proceeding with the building of shops at the landside of the new pier and will pursue upgrades at the Heritage Quay Shopping Center.

GPH has already paid off a $21 million dollar debt to ACB which was owed by SJDC for two decades. He added that GPH has continued to pay its staff during this period when no cruise ships have called at the St. John’s ports


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