Prime Minister’s move to divide citizens over Barbuda’s land is treasonous, says Council Secretary Nedd


Paul Nedd, the Secretary of the Barbuda Council, is accusing Prime Minister Gaston Browne of treason – an allegation that Browne, himself, has levelled against members of the Council in the past.

Specifically, Nedd sees the Prime Minister’s move to divide the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda over land as treasonous.

Several weeks ago, Browne announced that Antiguans will soon be able to purchase lands on Barbuda, bringing an end to the centuries-old, freehold-title arrangement on the sister island.

He said the matter would be taken to Parliament during its next sitting, which reportedly is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday.

However, Nedd says the Prime Minister will not bully Barbudans over their land.

According to the Council Secretary, the Prime Minister’s persistence to deprive Barbudans of their heritage is likely to create serious consequences.

Nedd says that discussions have been held with regional and international bodies, who are of the opinion that the Barbudans are the rightful owners of the lands.