PM concerned about rising level of miscreant behaviour


(Pointe Xpress)

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has lauded the Ministry of Education for the comprehensive programme it has formulated to protect the nation’s youth when schools reopen in September.

Speaking on the Browne and Browne show on the weekend, the prime minister said he fully endorses the initiatives being adopted by the ministry with the start of the school year less than a month away.

However, Browne has again voiced concerns over the prolonged absence of students from the classroom and the impact this is having on some young people. Some weeks ago, the prime minister said as he drove around the country he noticed many young people congregating in large groups in violation of the health protocols in place under the State of Emergency.

Now, Browne says that reports have reached which suggest that young people have been gathering at the Fisheries Complex at the Point Wharf and engaged in vandalising the facility.

These acts, according to the prime minister, increase the urgency for schools to be reopened so that young people can return to a learning environment and avoid ‘criminal behaviour’.

He also repeated his earlier position that if the country’s economy has been reopened, then it is only right that schools should reopen as well.

“We can’t reopen the economy and not reopen the schools. Our parents have to work and they can’t do both; work as well as take care of their children,” he remarked.

With the reopening schools imminent, Browne said the aim is to create a secure bio-sphere at each school where all the required COVID-19 health protocols are practiced.

Arrangements will be established to accommodate both face-to-face and virtual learning.

A government representative in Miami is currently undertaking the purchase of six thousand laptops for distribution among the nation’s students.