Opening date delayed at several schools, with students now advised to turn out on Wednesday


(Real News)

After weeks of preaching the importance of students returning to the classroom, some schools are still not prepared to reopen today, Monday, September 7.

Over the weekend, several schools informed parents that students should report to school on Wednesday, September 9, instead.

Liberta Primary was one of about five government schools which announced that the scheduled return of kindergarten and Grades One, Two and Six would not take place as scheduled.

Therefore, the other Grades – Three, Four and Five – are now slated to turn out next Monday, September 14.

The school did not give reasons for the delay, but apologized for the inconvenience.

In the notice signed by the Principal, Arian Fleming Thomas, parents are assured that everything is being done to ensure the school plant is ready for students to return to a safe environment.

Five Islands is one of the other schools announcing a delay with its reopening. It says it is “ensuring that all mechanisms are in place for a safe opening for staff and students,” and thus Wednesday is the new opening date.

Like Liberta, Kindergarten, Grades One, Two, and Six will report to school on Wednesday and will attend classes until September 11.

In a notice put out on Friday, September 4, parents were again informed that the school will operate on a shift system, which will begin next week.

From Monday September 14, to Friday, September 18, students in Kindergarten, Grades One, Two, and Six will attend school from 9 a.m. to midday, while Grades Three, Four and Five will have classes from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The hours for Grade Six will be adjusted, officials say.

The school’s management is urging parents to use today and tomorrow “to collect all outstanding textbooks and conduct all school-related business.”

It also warns that “no non-school personnel, including parents, will be allowed on the compound while students are in attendance.”

Health officials are supposed to check each school plant to ensure its readiness to welcome students back. REAL News has received reports that some of the fundamental protocols have not yet been put in place at several schools.

Reports say, further, that the St. Mary’s School, which was plagued with issues last year due to its waterlogged compound, had areas of the premises being graded up to Saturday, September 5.