Mother Of Two Stranded In BVI Needs Assistance To Return Home


Cacy Christian, as well as her two children, are seeking assistance in returning home to Antigua from Tortola, after being stranded there for months.

“I am pleading that I need to get home back in Antigua; I’ve been here for four months now and I’ve reached out to the local authorities in Antigua to try and help me to get out but I have no luck,” she said.

“I’m pleading to come home; it’s hard here. The locals here have to actually help me to get food and clothing because of the fact my dad’s salary has dropped and the hours have been reduced,” the Daily Observer quoted the woman as saying.

The thirty-two-year old and her two children went to Tortola on March 6 for what she thought would be her regular two-week vacation but when it was time to return Antigua & Barbuda had closed their borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, the mother of two have been living on a boat that her father owns, but things have become difficult since his working hours with the Tortola Port Authority have been reduced.

She said she could not travel on June 20 InterCaribbean Flight because it was full and has been unable to get a refund.

Christian is pleading to the government or anyone in Antigua that can help her and her children get back home soon.