Government’s protection of one company is retarding the advancement of the telecoms industry, businessman says


(REAL News)

Yves Ephraim, the owner of Pegasus Technologies Inc., says the issues facing the development and enhancement of technology and the telecoms industry are an issue of governance.

Speaking on the Good Morning Sass Show, he said once the governance issues are out of the way, then the technology will improve.

Ephraim says a revision of the Telecommunications Act is a start in changing the current technology landscape.

He says there also needs to be a leveling of the play field. This will give equity to everyone in the industry, rather than an unfair advantage, as is now the case with the government-run telecoms company.

Further, Ephraim says the market needs to be widened in order to allow more indigenous players to participate – and not just the current Top Three.

There are other persons who can contribute to the technological and economic landscape, he says, but they are often not given the chance.

As the Government seeks to protect the interest of one company, Ephraim says other countries are blazing a trail in technological advancements, leaving Antigua and Barbuda behind.