Eight students approved for homeschooling in Antigua & Barbuda


(Antigua News Room)

Almost 10 students are being homeschooled in Antigua & Barbuda.


The Ministry of Education said this is the most the country has ever seen and the sharp rise was linked to concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Beverly Allen, the Assistant Director of Education with responsibility for Curriculum, told state media “so far, we have approved eight applications. We have about seven pending and we have about two on hold. The ones that are pending is just that they need to, the applicants need to submit some other documents for the process to be complete.”


“Those that are on hold, believe it or not, are parents who would have applied to have their children homeschooled and then for one reason or another they decide, no, I’m not going to do it”, she added.


Allen explained “if the required documents are not submitted, we cannot process and we cannot approve. We have to have those documents. One of the major documents will be the education plan.”


“For every child who would be homeschooled, we have to have the education plan for at least a year and that plan when we are talking about primary school, we’re talking about the four core areas, in particular, so the Math, the English, the Science and Social Studies”, she said.