Cell of Cooks Landfill is long past its expiration date and could be dangerous to the environment and humans, Spencer warns

David Spencer, a former manager at the National Solid Waste Management Authority, says the current cell at the Cooks Sanitary Landfill is way past its closure date.
Spencer, who worked at the landfill for a short while, says there was a 25-year lifespan at the current site, with a three-cell plan.
The facility began operations in 2003 and the cell with which it started should have run for only nine years. Therefore, it should have been closed in 2012.
Spencer was unable to explain why the Authority has been unable to start using the second cell for waste disposal. However, he did speculate that it might be a problem of funding.
The former Manager says a programme of waste separation will have to be undertaken in order to maintain the life of the cell and of the landfill.
According to Spencer, how the landfill is now being operated could result in leachate, which is dangerous to the environment and to human life, as well.