Cabinet holds emergency meeting


(Antigua Newsroom)

The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda will meet in an emergency session today.

Government’s Chief of Staff Lionel ‘max’ Hurst says one of the items on the agenda is an extension of the curfew hours.

Over the weekend Prime Minister Gaston Browne placed the nation on notice that stricter measures including extending curfew hours are likely to be announced this week.

Browne said this is in direct response to residents disregarding COVID-19 protocols.

“We hoped to see a reduction in the number of active COVID cases as a result of the measures we would have taken in the last two weeks but unfortunately the active COVID cases continue to increase rapidly, literally exceeding the recoveries.

“The increase in COVID cases is obviously due to the negligence and complacency of our people. It is due to people not being compliant with the protocols and we are fully aware that individuals continue to have private parties. Even in public we have seen many of them violating the protocols and the laws and regulations of the country,” he said.