Asot Michael says Chief Magistrate forces doctor to attend court leaving 70 patients in need of care



St. Peter Member of Parliament Asot Michael says the Chief Magistrate on Wednesday refused to accept a sick certificate from his attorney and then forcefully, by police officers, brought a doctor to court, leaving some 70 patients awaiting his care.

Michael was responding to an earlier report by Antigua Breaking News (ABN) that the Chief Magistrate had issued a bench warrant for him after he failed to attend court on three occasions, claiming he was sick.

According to Michael, the issuance of the warrant gives the impression that he willfully disobeyed a summons to attend court, but he is adamant this is not the case.

“Due to illness I was unable to attend. I did produce a sick certificate and my attorney did attend in my absence. It was my wish and request that the matter continue in my absence,” Michael said in the statement.

While claiming he has not requested special treatment, Michael said he does not expect to be treated in any lesser way than his fellow man.